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What You Should Know About Nerve Blocks

Your nerves are designed to send signals to your brain to let you know when your body is in trouble. These signals usually register as pain. When you have a chronic neck or back injury, these signals turn from a beneficial warning into a nagging, continuous pain. One back pain treatment in Jacksonville, FL, that can offer you temporary relief is nerve blocks.

Nerve blocks are designed to do just what their name implies–numb the nerve temporarily so that you can have some relief from your daily pain. But their benefits don’t stop there; nerve blocks are actually used in a variety of different ways to help your doctor learn more about your pain to create a more permanent treatment solution.

Some of the different types of nerve blocks that are used include:

  • Therapeutic Nerve Blocks – Local Anesthetic Designed to Control Acute Pain
  • Diagnostic Nerve Blocks – Helps to Determine the Sources of Pain
  • Prognostic Nerve Blocks – Gives the Doctor a Chance to Predict the Outcomes of Given Treatments
  • Preemptive Nerve Blocks – Designed to Prevent Subsequent Pain from a Procedure

While nerve blocks themselves are not designed to stop pain forever, they are an important back pain treatment tool that can put you on the right course towards a happier, more comfortable life.

If you are interested in learning how nerve blocks can help you reduce your back pain, make an appointment at First Coast Pain.

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What You Should Know About Kyphoplasty for Pain Management

There are many different causes of back pain, and there are many different methods to treat it. Kyphoplasty is a back pain treatment in Jacksonville, FL, that is designed to help you restore the height and shape of your spine after an accident or due to a deformity. This treatment is one that has been shown to provide patients with:

  • Significant & Sustained Reduction in Back Pain
  • Sustained Vertebral Body Height Restoration
  • Significant & Sustained Mobility Improvement
  • Significant & Sustained Quality of Life Improvement
  • Significant Reduction in Down Time Due to Back Pain
  • Significant & Sustained Improvement in Daily Activity Performance
  • Significant & Sustained Reduction in Pain Interference

But what exactly is Kyphoplasty? This is a procedure that involves placing a surgical balloon into a tube to inflate the collapsed area in your spine when you are dealing with a compression fracture. The area is then filled with bone cement that keeps the vertebra in place. While this is a low-risk procedure, all surgeries come with a certain amount of risk. Make sure you take the time to speak to your doctor to fully understand the benefits and risks of this pain-relieving procedure.

If you are dealing with back pain, make an appointment at Florida Coast Pain today to explore your options.