Arthritis Dos and Don’ts

Arthritis is an unfortunate reality for millions of people. It’s not just a disease of the elderly as it can strike anyone at any time. There are several factors to keep in mind when you are dealing with arthritis. The staff members at First Coast Pain have assembled a list to help you. We know about arthritis treatment in Jacksonville, FL, and wish to help you by sharing that knowledge.

What to Do:

If you are dealing with early symptoms of arthritis, you have to pay attention so that you can get a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan.

Find a doctor you trust and consult them if symptoms persist. You don’t want to treat yourself and neglect professional health care.

Learn the details of your type of arthritis so you can know what to expect, treatment options, and prognosis.

Respect your pain, learn what triggers it, and take steps to deal with it. Consider lifestyle changes and protect your joints each day.

What Not to Do:

Don’t give up. You can learn to cope with this disease. If there are days when you are feeling down, just accept them as part of life and do your best to move on.

Don’t expect others to understand your pain and don’t stick with a doctor who doesn’t take the time to try to understand you as a patient.

Develop a support network and try your best to avoid the “why me?” mentality.