Creating Your Migraine Profile

When you decide to see a doctor for your migraines, you will receive personalized care. That’s because no two people experience migraines the same way. Many different factors influence your symptoms, and you can use these to create a migraine profile that your doctor can use to diagnose and treat you.

Family History – Migraine headaches are a hereditary condition, so you should speak with other migraine sufferers in your family. You will likely discover that you share symptoms and triggers, which can help you in treating and preventing your headaches.

Pattern – Before you visit First Coast Pain for your migraine treatment near Jacksonville, FL, write down some information about your migraines. Look specifically for symptoms, time of day, number of headaches per month, and what triggers your migraines. If you are a woman, note how your migraines relate to menstrual cycles, pregnancy, or menopause.

Medication – Be sure to make a list of all the medications you currently take, as this may influence your treatment. You should also list what treatments you used for your migraines in the past, even if you discontinued use.

Medical History – If you have other medical conditions, it is important to tell the doctor. One treatment that would work for a healthy person may be dangerous for someone with blood pressure or kidney issues.

Lifestyle – Your daily lifestyle can also play a role in how we treat your migraines. Things like caffeine and alcohol intake, your daily diet, exercise routine, and other lifestyle choices may be impacting your headaches.

Start getting treatment for your migraines today when you schedule an appointment with First Coast Pain.