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FAQ about Pain Management

When you are seeking recovery from an accident or are going through a treatment program for a chronic condition, you may be familiar with a field known as pain management. In Jacksonville, FL, many health care providers are recommending patients to consider a multidisciplinary approach to overcoming the symptoms of pain and its effects. Here are a few common questions about this field, answered.

What is Pain Management?

It is a multidisciplinary field which empowers patients to identify and navigate the complications associated with chronic pain, and also the side effects of a traumatic accident or injury. This area of medicine doesn’t simply pursue a cure to pain, as this is a condition that affects everyone differently. It also teaches patients how to utilize tools and coping strategies to improve their quality of life.

What Treatments Are Associated with Pain Management?

Since everyone interfaces with pain differently, treatment will also vary amongst individuals. For instance, your physician might recommend surgery to treat a spinal injury while a physical therapist will help you find an avenue of recovery through exercise and lifestyle changes. Other patients might pursue treatment through prescribed medications, counseling, or a combination of procedures from varying disciplines.

If your health care provider recommends a pain management program, then they may encourage you to get in contact with medical specialists. Contact a pain clinic near you to learn if they offer a pain management program.