Four Types of Chronic Back Pain

back pain treatment Jacksonville flBack pain is one of the most common health issues facing Americans today and can stem from a wide variety of different problems. Chronic back pain is diagnosed when you experience pain for more than three months – regardless of the cause. Here are four different types of chronic back pain.

Mechanical – This type of back pain includes problems with the spine and surrounding muscles including scoliosis, spinal disc problems, and muscle tension.

Injury – An injury to your back can cause temporary pain while it heals, but some patients experience back pain long after an injury is fully healed. Traumatic injuries like fractures or repetitive back strains over time can cause this type of back pain. If your job requires heavy lifting, you are at risk for chronic back pain.

Diseases and Conditions – Some diseases and other conditions can result in back pain both indirectly and directly. Conditions like arthritis and even pregnancy can result in chronic back pain.

Infections or Tumors – Tumors on the spine can put pressure on the spinal cord and cause nerve pain. You may also be experiencing chronic back pain if you suffer from a bone infection like osteomyelitis.

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