woman massaging her foot

How Pain Management in Jacksonville, FL, Helps with Peripheral/Diabetic Neuropathy

The key to any type of pain management in Jacksonville, FL, is to first understand what causes the pain. A common cause for pain and numbness in those with diabetes, for example, is peripheral, autonomic, focal, or radiculoplexus neuropathy.  Today, we are going to focus specifically on peripheral neuropathy, which is the most common type of diabetic neuropathy.

When it comes to any type of diabetic neuropathy, you may not notice anything is wrong at first. That is because symptoms usually develop gradually. This means by the time you begin to notice problems on your own, a significant amount of nerve damage may have already occurred. Peripheral neuropathy, for example, typically affects the feet and legs first before gradually including the arms and hands.

Some of the different signs and symptoms of this type of neuropathy include:

  • Numbness
  • Tingling or Burning
  • Sharp Pains or Cramps
  • Increased Sensitivity to Touch
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Loss of Reflexes
  • Loss of Coordination & Balance
  • Serious Foot Problems

If you are diabetic, or if you notice any of these symptoms developing, it is important to go and visit a doctor as soon as possible. There are pain management solutions and other treatments that can help you reduce the amount of discomfort that can be caused by this type of nerve degeneration.