senior woman practicing yoga

How to Exercise Safely with Arthritis

Exercising is a great way for people with arthritis to reduce their joint pain and stiffness. In fact, routine workouts are often an integral part of arthritis treatment in Jacksonville, FL. However, if you’re already in pain, you might wonder how to work out without hurting yourself more. Follow these guidelines to get moving.

Talk to Your Doctor First

Before starting any exercise regimen, you should consult with your doctor to determine whether it’s safe for you to work out – and, if yes, what kinds of exercise would be best for you.

Choose Your Workouts Wisely

Based on your doctor’s recommendations, you can choose which workouts best suit your arthritis treatment goals. When you want to increase your flexibility and reduce stiffness, range-of-motion exercises like dancing and yoga are best. To increase your muscle strength and protect your joints, try strengthening exercises like weight training. For weight control and cardiovascular fitness, do aerobic or endurance exercises like bicycle riding and swimming.

Start Slow

Many people make the mistake of pushing too hard when they start exercising for arthritis treatment. Don’t let that be you. Start slow and listen to your body. If something is painful, switch to a different exercise or take a break. Over time, you’ll build your strength and be able to work out longer and harder – but until then, take it easy.