Effective Joint Pain Treatment in St. Augustine, FL

Your joints connect your bones and enable movement such as standing, sitting, and walking. Injury and disease can result in pain that requires joint pain treatment in St. Augustine, FL. The physicians at First Coast Pain offer a comprehensive approach that reduces or eliminates pain. Schedule an appointment with one of our pain doctors today.

Relieve Joint Pain with These Treatment Options

When you visit our pain management clinic in St. Augustine, FL, our physicians will work with you to increase your quality of life by reducing or eliminating your chronic joint pain. Along with traditional treatment, our practice makes use of physical therapy, behavioral health, and alternative medicine to give you immediate and long-term relief from pain. Treatments for joint pain include:

  • Guided Steroid Injections – Many patients can find immediate relief from pain via a steroid injection administered at our clinic. Guided via ultrasound, our physician injects a steroid and anesthetic into the epidural space. The steroid acts to decrease inflammation while the anesthetic interrupts the signal, so the brain does receive pain messages from the joint.
  • Peripheral Nerve Radiofrequency Ablations – After joint replacement surgery, some patients experience joint pain. The radiofrequency procedure helps alleviate that pain. Your doctor will use a radiofrequency needs to send an electrical current to specific nerves, creating a heat lesion. This destroys targeted nerves so they can no longer transmit pain signals.
  • Regenerative Therapies – New to the field of pain management is the use of regenerative therapies using stem cells. One aspect concerns the link between inflammation and pain. Regenerative medicine has the goal of using these therapies to reduce or eliminate inflammation by repairing or replacing abnormal tissue. Specifically, stem cells can be injected into the body to promote joint repair.

Contact us today with questions about procedures that may work to alleviate your joint pain, including quality arthritis treatment near Jacksonville, FL. We proudly serve patients in St. Augustine, Florida, and the surrounding areas.