Medical Marijuana for the Treatment of Chronic Pain

medical marijuana st Augustine flLiving with chronic pain is a daily battle. You’ve likely tried every treatment in the books to alleviate your pain, but sometimes the tried and true therapies don’t work for everyone. At First Coast Pain, we take a multi-faceted approach to pain management. That means that we use the traditional procedures and medications, but we also utilize alternative medicine, like medical marijuana in St. Augustine, FL. If you have struggled with chronic pain and are not seeing results with your current regimen, medicinal cannabis may be right for you.

How Medical Marijuana Works

Marijuana contains naturally occurring chemicals called “cannabinoids” that deliver therapeutic benefits. You’ve probably heard of the most popular cannabinoids, THC and CBD, but there are over 480 types that vary regarding psychoactive properties. THC is very psychologically active and produces a high, while CBD does not. A combination of different cannabinoids is often recommended to treat chronic pain, rather than just THC or CBD.

Cannabis has been used in medicine since ancient times to treat a variety of illness. For chronic pain, studies have found that medical marijuana can treat the pain as well as nausea that is often associated with chronic pain and opioid pain-reliever use.

When you are ready to receive personalized care for your chronic pain, contact the experienced and compassionate doctors at First Coast Pain.