Avoiding Migraine Triggers – Migraine Treatment near Jacksonville, FL

Migraines are a complicated condition that affect many Americans in many different ways. One of the ways that we approach migraine treatment near Jacksonville, FL, is to employ behavioral changes as a preventative measure. For some, the things that trigger their migraines are identifiable and can be avoiding. Here are some common triggers to watch out for:

Changing Sleep Patterns – Getting a good night’s rest is important, especially when you suffer from migraines. Too much or too little sleep can leave you vulnerable to headaches. Reduce caffeine intake in the afternoon and avoid bright lights and screens before bed to prevent insomnia.

Poor Stress Management – Stress and anxiety can cause or worsen a migraine headache. Find stress-relief techniques that work for you, like breathing exercises, journaling, or physical activity to keep stress-related migraines at bay.

Pain Medications – Many people use pain medications as part of their migraine treatment near Jacksonville, FL, but overuse of these medications can trigger migraines. Even OTC medications like ibuprofen can cause what are known as rebound headaches.

Hormone Fluctuations – Some women experience menstrual migraines that are triggered by hormone fluctuations during their monthly cycle. You may be able to use a birth control pill or other hormone regulator to prevent menstrual migraines.

Scents – If you are sensitive to certain smells, it can help to avoid them or find a way to minimize the smell to prevent migraines. Flowers, cleaning products, cigarette smoke, and perfume are common scents that trigger migraines in some individuals.

Food Additives – MSG, nitrates, aspartame, and tyramine are linked to migraines in some sufferers. Keep a food diary to help identify migraines triggers in food.

Bright Lights – Sensitivity to light is one of the most common migraines symptoms, and exposure to bright light can also be a trigger. Wear sunglasses or a hat when outside or in a bright room to avoid triggering a migraine.

Meal Skipping – Skipping meals or fasting can bring on a migraine through low blood sugar or dehydration. Be sure to eat regularly and have nutritious snacks on hand if you have to go a long time between meals to keep blood sugar level.

Switching Up Caffeine Intake – Increasing or decreasing your caffeine intake can trigger a migraine. Keep your caffeine intake moderate or gradually eliminate it to avoid headaches. Keep a diary of your daily routine to see how the caffeine affects you.

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