Chronic Pain and Medical Marijuana in St. Augustine, FL

Long-term pain is one of the most difficult things to deal with for patients around the world. It’s a constant battle between chronic suffering and potentially dangerous treatments. When it comes to nerve pain, however, the choice doesn’t have to be so difficult.

That’s because there’s a new alternative for effective treatment — one that doesn’t rely on overdose-prone opioids. Many patients and medical professionals alike are turning to medical marijuana in St. Augustine, FL, for relief from chronic pain. It’s generally less dangerous than many traditional medications, has relatively minor side-effects for most users, and is now perfectly legal with a prescription in the state.

Why Choose Marijuana?

For people who suffer from near-continuous pain, even a small amount of relief can make a world of difference. In the past, the only effective ways to legally get that respite also came with significant drawbacks. Opioids alone are as dangerous as they are addictive. While they are still important for many patients, others could easily feel better with alternative treatments that pose a much lower risk.

The good news is, medical professionals and legislators alike have warmed up to the idea. In Florida, it’s easier than ever to see how medical marijuana compares to other treatment options. And you might be surprised by the results.

In clinical trials, about three puffs a day have been shown to reduce pain and help users sleep better. As with many previous scientific and anecdotal accounts, recent research supports cannabis’s power to make a massive difference for the people who need it most.

According to the studies, it works by changing the way nerves function, which impacts how patients feel (or don’t feel) pain. Unsure if this is the right option for you? A consultation with professionals in pain treatment can help you learn more about the modern uses of marijuana.