How Stem Cells are Used in Pain Management in Jacksonville, FL

When you hear about stem cells, the best way to think of their function is as a blank slate. They can adapt to any cell ranging from muscle cells to brain cells. Given its adaptability, research has found that using stem cells for injury and pain treatment increases the rate of bodily repair, making it a viable option for pain management in Jacksonville, FL, and beyond.

How the Procedure Works

It’s true that medication has long been used to staunch the pain, but you’ll find that stem cells can speed up the healing process. As opposed to taking medications for longer than you may want, stem cell treatment is a pain management choice that uses your stem cells to help you. The procedure entails injecting your own stem cells into the damaged area of your body and can be applied to your joints or other soft tissue areas.

Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Pain

Our doctors can use stem cells to help you with ligaments, non-healing bone fractures, and as a form of therapy for severe back pain. The spine is an extremely sensitive area because that’s where all our nerves stem from. One wrong move, and it could severely damage someone’s way of life. That’s why stem cells are used to regenerate and help things like facet joint pain in your spine or lumbar degenerative disk disease. Helping your body help itself is a viable pain management method in today’s day and age.

Life-Changing Pain Management

Our clinic is dedicated to helping patients regain control of their lives through our pain treatments. Giving you options that range from medication to stem cell use means we are invested in alleviating or ridding you of pain. Contact us today to book an appointment and start your journey to betterment.