What You Should Know About Polyarthritis & Arthritis Treatment in Jacksonville, FL

Poly is a prefix that means many. And, when you apply the term many to arthritis, the condition is not pleasant. The condition refers to a pattern where multiple joints are involved. To be diagnosed with polyarthritis, you need to be suffering arthritis pain in at least four joints. Once you’ve been diagnosed, you can begin to explore a range of treatment options.

As for arthritis, the medical term refers to joint inflammation that can be acute or chronic and is caused by injury, infection, or abnormal metabolism. There’s no limit on the number of joints that can be involved, and there are many different types of arthritis. Whatever arthritis condition you have, the pain that accompanies this condition requires arthritis treatment in Jacksonville, FL.

Those who suffer from this condition know how painful it is and how limiting it can be for mobility and activity in your life. This is why one of the most important considerations for those experiencing this pain is how it can be minimized or eliminated. Among treatment options are guided steroid injections, peripheral nerve radiofrequency ablations, and regenerative therapy.

Guided Steroid Injections — Using an ultrasound machine, a physician injects a steroid and anesthetic into the joint or soft tissue. The procedure is a short one that reduces inflammation and thus, pain.
Peripheral Never Radiofrequency Ablations
— During this procedure, a high-frequency electrical current is sent to a nerve, destroying it, and stopping the pain signal from transmitting to the brain.

Regenerative Therapy — This treatment injects stem cells into joints to encourage regeneration of the inflamed joints and tissues.

When you visit First Coast Pain for polyarthritis treatment, we will walk you through all of your options so you can be confident you will receive the best treatment for your conditions. We provide individualized pain management solutions to our patients in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and the surrounding communities.