back pain

What You Need to Know About Facet Injections

Back pain is pervasive and can become all-encompassing. There is seemingly no way to avoid it because most times, it hurts to move, and it can even hurt to remain still. If you are unlucky enough to be among the many individuals who suffer from spine, neck, and leg pain we are going to provide you with some information that will prove helpful in learning about treatment options.

At First Coast Pain, we offer various injections that work to help alleviate symptoms and minimize pain. These include epidural steroid injections that aid in reducing inflammation that presents itself as discomfort and pain.

Facet injections are another type of injection we offer, which is not as well-known as steroid injections. Facet joints are small stabilizing cartilage-lined joints at the back of the spine that work in conjunction with discs to help keep the bones together while allowing flexibility.

For this process, an anesthetic is injected into the facet joints in your spine. These injections are a process for pain management in Jacksonville, FL, that also helps determine the source of pain. Injections offer temporary pain cessation, and their level of effectiveness helps our staff doctors determine if the facet joint is the source of the pain or if it’s located in another area of the spine.

We also offer many other treatments such as radiofrequency ablation, nerve blocks, and spinal cord stimulation, to name a few.