knee pain

When to See a Doctor for Knee Pain

Running, walking, sitting, and standing: they all involve using our knees, and they should be simple pain-free activities. Unfortunately for some people, they aren’t; in fact, they can be a real challenge.

Pain management in Jacksonville, FL, is a partnership between you and your healthcare professionals. Relief is available, and it’s effective if you follow the advice given combined with the treatments you receive. It sounds simple, but we know that at times the road can be long and difficult. It pays to keep in mind that knee pain is often a very treatable problem.

If you find that knee pain is becoming a constant companion, or if you’re suffering from acute pain in the joint, find out when to see a doctor. The staff at First Coast Pain has assembled some helpful information for you.

There are many types and causes of knee pain, some very common, and others quite rare, but there are certain signs you should heed that signal the need to seek help. See a doctor if you have:

  • Difficulty Walking Comfortably
  • Deformity Around the Joint
  • Knee Pain at Night or at Rest
  • Pain that Persists More than a Few Days
  • A Locking Knee Joint
  • Swelling in the Knee or Calf
  • Signs of Infection – Fever, Swelling, Redness