medical illustration of shoulder pain

When to See Your Doctor for Shoulder Pain

It’s likely you don’t notice how much you use your shoulders during your day until one of them starts to hurt. Then, every movement reminds you of the pain. Don’t wait too long to see the doctor for pain relief, but more importantly, to find out exactly what is wrong. Knowing the cause of the pain is a diagnosis that provides a solution to the entire problem — pain included.

Of course, if you have any indication that your shoulder could be broken or sprained, then it’s wise to see a doctor as soon as possible for pain management in Jacksonville, FL. This is the best way to get to the truth of the matter and get started on recovery.

The shoulder is a complicated joint, certainly the most flexible in your body. This allows it to have a wide range of motion for your daily activities. This makes it even more important to find out what’s causing the pain quickly, or you could run the risk of continuous pain.

There are three bones, as well as numerous tendons, ligaments, and muscles that work together so you can handle everything from brushing your hair to throwing a baseball to reaching for a can in an overhead cupboard. When pain persists beyond a day or two, you can’t move your arm, or there’s swelling or bruising, see your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and pain management in Jacksonville, FL.

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